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PRDV 77019 Integrating Moodle into Your Teaching (rolling enrollment, online and self-paced): This course will enable you to learn Moodle fundamentals while creating your own Moodle project for use with your students. The course is self-paced with rolling enrollment. You can select a beginning and ending time in consultation with the instructor. This completely online course will enable you to organize your own Moodle project, select and upload content, develop collaborative online forums to expand and deepen your students' learning, and develop one-to-one processes to assess your students' performance. Watch this brief video. Only $150 for members of The Learning Curve; $195 for non-members. (Massachusetts teachers - 36 PDPs. Add $225 for 3 graduate credits.)  For answers to your questions or to ask about registration procedures, please email the instructor or call 978-606-7023. 

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