For details about any of the following, please email or call 978-606-7023

Unlocking the High School Environment
Online learning for college and career readiness
A team approach for ensuring that all high school graduates will have
experienced online learning that match higher education expectations.

Free for members of The Learning Curve Consortium

Webinars now available from The Learning Curve 
We are now providing Webinars for online support, special announcements, and more.
Contact us to plan a Webinar for your school or group.

"Solving the Unsolvable: Another Look at the Opioid Epidemic"
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine
(New England Region) located at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester.
This very important project will explore ways to confront the opioid epidemic affecting adolescents
in school. This will be a Moodle based project involving key school leaders and members of the
medical community. See Solving the Unsolvable. This important project begins in February and
ends in April. Follow-up activities will be announced through this Web site.

Virtual Learning Academy now hosted by The Learning Curve
The Virtual Learning Academy was developed by the Southern Coast Region Collaboratives and is now
hosted by The Learning Curve. The VLA provides online courses for students from surrounding districts.
Check it out. A complete list of courses for 2017-2018 will be available shortly.

Teacher to Teacher: Course sharing now available across schools and districts

Individual teacher course sites (Moodle) can now be shared among schools in our consortium. It is no longer
necessary for teachers to create each course from scratch. Through our process, teachers can share course sites
(always with permission from the developing teacher), edit course materials, and then enroll their own students. 

For details about any of the above, please email or call 978-606-7023