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EXAMPLE: Professional development online can be highly effective and very cost-efficient. An educator in one of our member districts is preparing a Moodle-based tutorial for teachers that covers all aspects of Google Apps. It can be available for teachers in your school district. Interested? 

From a teacher: I'm excited to completely redesign my teaching this year. I'm hoping that Moodle will allow the students to complete assignments at their own pace. My students are always so interested and motivated when it comes to using the computer. This is going to be a great way to get them interested and self-motivated for their own learning. One of the struggles in the classroom is not having enough time; not enough time to meet with each student, not enough time to teach everything I want to teach, just not enough time! My hope is that through Moodle I will be able to accomplish more teaching and learning. I feel like this type of learning can be beneficial in saving a lot of time. Students can access the curriculum and assignments and then get going. This allows the students who are highly motivated to work independently, while also lending a hand to the students who might need more teacher support. This can all be quite challenging in a regular classroom. I want my students to be more actively engaged in their own learning as well be fluent in their abilities to access, navigate, and complete assignments on the computer.